Company History


ILSCO originated in 1894 as The Incandescent Light & Stove Company.  As a manufacturer of lighting systems, they combined gasoline with air pressure to produce a gas for cooking, heating, or lighting.

ILSCO’s evolution from gas lighting systems occurred in the early 1900’s when a single-cylinder gas engine was developed to power a generator that supplied electric current to a home.  Technology continued to advance and electrical systems replaced gas systems.  ILSCO developed equipment to draw copper tubing to support these electrical systems which resulted in the creation of one of the first solderless electrical connectors.  This SLU line is recognized as the forerunner of many modern connectors.

In the 1950’s, ILSCO Corporation was acquired by Oliver Bardes and the Bardes Corporation. Founded under the nameof the E.H. Bardes Range & Foundry Company, they manufactured cast-iron stoves.  ILSCO Copper Tube & Products was purchased as well and became a manufacturing subsidiary for the Bardes Corporation.  ILSCO grew rapidly, and moved its headquarters and manufacturing to its current location in 1955 to accommodate the growth.

Bardes-Range-Ad-from-Steinkamps-smAluminum was introduced in 1959 and throughout the 1960’s ILSCO pioneered the development of aluminum mechanical connectors, enhancing our success in the electrical industry.

Over the years ILSCO built a solid reputation as an industry leader in the manufacture of aluminum mechanical connectors.  With product diversification and innovation we have become known for much more.

Today, ILSCO is a third generation, family owned,vertically integrated manufacturer of electrical connectors and accessories.  ILSCO’s operations span  three countries, with eight locations and over 1,000 employees and representatives in those countries.  Seven Regional Distribution Centers service our customers across the United States.

More than a connector company, ILSCO is a connections company. Connections Matter.