MAC Block™ Splice & Tap Connectors

MAC Block Mechanical splice and tap connectors from ILSCO are designed for use with building code and flex conductor. Available in the following colors: purple, black, white, and green; the connectors accept up to four conductors of varying sizes per port.  They are certified for power and grounding applications. MAC Block splice and tap connectors… Read more

Flex2Code™ Pin Adaptors

ILSCO is pleased to announce an addition to our pin connector offering.  Flex2Code copper pin adaptors provide a solution to installers; the compression barrel accepts flex conductor for equipment rated to code conductor. The pin is knurled for maximum grip and optimal contact area.  The compact design saves space inside electrical panels and requires only… Read more

ILSCO Honored with IMARK Award for Excellence in Sales Leadership

IMARK Performance Awards recognize superior Supplier business performance over the period of one year.  This year, ILSCO was nominated for four awards in our company size category: Excellence in Marketing and Communications Excellence in Sales Leadership Excellence in Service and Support Supplier of the Year Awards were recently presented at the IMARK Annual Meeting in… Read more

Innovative T-Slot Bus Bar Offering

ILSCO’s patented t-slot bus bar design was recently introduced and is available in electro-tin plated copper or aluminum. Single or double slot configurations are offered.  The bar slot accommodates standard ½ inch bolts with hex, square and ¼ turn heads.  Recessed insulator mounting hardware allows for 100% usage of the bar for mounting compression or… Read more

TaskMaster® Tools Unveils Scissor Style ACSR Cutter

ILSCO is excited to announce an addition to our battery powered in-line cutting tool offering.  Our TB-CUT26ACSR-IS features a 350° rotatable scissor head design with heavy duty blades that cuts up to 3/8” EHS Guy Wire and 556 ACSR.  Blade inserts make for easy field replacement.  A DataTrack / USB interface captures output performance and… Read more

SafetySub Re-Design and Re-Launch

ILSCO re-designed our PED500SS-DB series of direct burial, watertight, underground connectors.  Enhancements include a change to the insulating material which now features product information directly molded into the cover.  Re-sealable and tethered wire port caps are included as well. The SafetySub offering includes in-line splice and tap connectors and is UL Listed, CSA Certified and dual rated.

Headline News: ILSCO Receives Distinguished Performance Award from IMARK Group

On October 22nd, IMARK Group recognized IMARK Supplier companies for distinguished performance in 2017-2018. ILSCO was nominated in five of five categories and received a prestigious award for Excellence in Product Marketing in our supplier size category. The IMARK preferred suppliers were recognized based on the results of a member ranking process, their effective implementation… Read more

Expanded Offering of TaskMaster Tools

ILSCO® is excited to announce an enhancement to our already extensive line of hydraulic TaskMaster® Tools. New to the line includes battery powered, remote operated as well as hand operated 6-ton, 4-point dieless indentor tools, PLUS an expanded offering of cutters that cut to larger capacity conductor. Cutting and crimping capabilities are extensive and afford… Read more

Why Ground & Bond?

In short, we ground and bond to protect Humans, Equipment and Property. • To prevent voltage or current on conductive surfaces where it could cause electric shock, electrocution, or start fires • To provide a path for fault current and help ensure proper operation of over-current devices such as circuit breakers and fuses • To… Read more

TaskMaster Tools

TaskMaster® Tools de ILSCO incluye herramientas de engarzado y corte hidráulico en línea y con empuñadura de pistola, cabezales remotos y bombas. Entre las funciones de las herramientas se encuentran una rotación de la cabeza de 350 ° / 360 ° para maniobrar en espacios reducidos y funcionamiento con baterías de Milwaukee para garantizar una… Read more