Why Ground & Bond?

In short, we ground and bond to protect Humans, Equipment and Property.

• To prevent voltage or current on conductive surfaces where it could cause electric shock, electrocution, or start fires
• To provide a path for fault current and help ensure proper operation of over-current devices such as circuit breakers and fuses
• To limit surges by providing low resistance and safe path for lightning and high voltage conditions

ILSCO’s PermaGround® system serves to protect people, equipment, and property. With a multitude of mechanical and compression connector configurations, PermaGround has what is needed to create grounding systems for a facility’s unique shape and contours, allowing for future use and site expansions.

Bonding is a method by which all electrically conductive materials, not normally intended to be energized, are interconnected via a low impedance conductive means and path to avoid any noticeable potential difference between any separate points.

Contractors prefer PermaGround’s low risk and liability during system installation eliminating the dangers of burnt holes in clothing and accidental ignitions at job sites containing flammable materials. Safe, permanent, reliable…PermaGround®