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Product Question - Compression

Do you have a butt splice for 750 Aluminum to 500 Copper?

We have an extra long run for a branch panel feeder. We can use the 750 Aluminum but we have no way to terminate it on the lugs of the breaker specified. There are (4) sets of cables.


ILSCO offers Compression Butt splices ASN-750 and if you use one of the dieless tools listed in the range taking table on page 3 of the link below, then you can crimp a 500 wire on the other side.

I also recommend Heat Shrink tubing 21712-B

Product Question - Compression

Compliance with Buy America

I am inquiring about your following product lines- TWCT, ULT, CTL and CLWD. I would like to know if these products comply with the buy america standard (49 U.S.C 5323 (j); 49 C.F.R Part 661)


ILSCO products are evaluated at the time of request so we can provide the most current information.

Product Question - Compression

Shoo-Pin Flex cable kcmil, nominal to listed

for example, does PT535FX500 accept from 500-535kcmil, or only 535? Also is there any special requirements for a crimp tool? We are looking to use these for high current applications, up to 18k amps in parallel runs for glass melting. We are looking to use 373, 444, 535.


The Shoo-Pin lugs will accept the DLO cable listed and all the Flex wire in the same size.

for example – The Shoo-Pin connector PT535FX500 can accept 535DLO as well as all 500kcmil FLEX wire (type H,I,K,M, etc).  I attached an information about the Shoo-Pin adapters.