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Product Question - Insulated Mechanical/Underground

Minimum Splice Box Sizing per NEC 314-28-E-2

Please advise where to find the “Minimum Splice Box Sizing” (Per NEC 314-28-E-2) when using Power Distribution Blocks.
Per NEC 314-28-E-2 > - - - the power distribution bock shall be installed in a box with dimensions not smaller than specified in the installation instructions of the power distribution block.- - -

I was planning on using Insulated Connector Blocks to splice 2 Sets of 4# 500+ Ground


ILSCO does not provide the minimum box size.  We do provide the part dimensions to calculate box fill based on the # of connectors in the box.

Product Question - Insulated Mechanical/Underground

Proper installation of Insulated Piercing Connectors


I am writing to get documentation on whether there must be at least 3" of straight main conductor in order to properly install the Insulated Piercing Connectors. It does say in the instruction guide that the conductor must be straight but doesn't specify how much of the conductor needs to be straight.


Here are the installation instructions for all our IPC’s:

Product Question - Insulated Mechanical/Underground

What is the total current rating of the PBTD-6-250?

I have a 300HP motor that uses 4-#4conductors per phase from the motor and 2 250mcm per phase from the VFD. All 6 conductor need to splice together, I am using the ILSCO PBTD-6-250, what is the total current rating of the block, will it handle 400amps if I put one 250 on each end and motor leads in the middle?


You have to stagger the inputs and outputs.

As an example, for the PBTD-6-250, the current is (3) times the input wire if all  the wires are the same size.