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Product Question - Mechanical

I need the torque values for your mechanical lugs?

I am an inspector in the Philadelphia area. I always asks the contractors installing mechanical lugs that I witness that proper torque has been meet on each lug installed on a specific project. I was wondering if you have a chart which shows your lug part #, stud size, and most importantly REQUIRED TIGHTENING TORQUE?

Almost every project I am involved with the contractor gets only the number of lugs they require for a specific installation from their supply house and they come loose in a plastic bag. So it becomes a search mission for the contractor and often myself to find proper torque values for the lugs.


ILSCO lugs are UL//CSA and each one can have a specific torque associated with it.

I have attached a link so that if you type in the catalog number you can get the torque information sheet associated with that part.

This link is found from the Home Page. Click on Techincal Resources then the 2nd bullet says Information Sheets (Torque & Crimp) then click on Search Information Sheets (Torque & Crimp)

Product Question - Mechanical

Is PB4-600 lug rated for multiple terminations per hole?

Can two cables be terminated in one of the holes for PB4-600? The sizes are 1 x 250 MCM and 1 x 6 AWG. The combined size of the two cables do not exceed the allowable size the hole can accept as stated by ILSCO (based on max of 600 MCM). Thanks for the info.


The PB4-600 is rated for use with one wire per hole.  However we have another option that might work.

PBMW family-

These can accept (2) wires per port.

Product Question - Insulated Mechanical/Underground

Minimum Splice Box Sizing per NEC 314-28-E-2

Please advise where to find the “Minimum Splice Box Sizing” (Per NEC 314-28-E-2) when using Power Distribution Blocks.
Per NEC 314-28-E-2 > - - - the power distribution bock shall be installed in a box with dimensions not smaller than specified in the installation instructions of the power distribution block.- - -

I was planning on using Insulated Connector Blocks to splice 2 Sets of 4# 500+ Ground


ILSCO does not provide the minimum box size.  We do provide the part dimensions to calculate box fill based on the # of connectors in the box.

Product Question - Mechanical

Request the information of the correct tool bit used for the power distribution blocks.

We have been using the power snap blocks for our product, however we always encounter with the damage screw head when we try to torque it. The model we use is PDA-14-2/0-1 and problematic slotted screw is E8205 screw. Need advice on what is the right size of tool bit, it will be great if you can recommend one for us if you happened to know it.


The bit size depends on the screw, so one size does not fit all.

Generally speaking you need a bit that fills that slot in width, thickness and depth.