Lineman Tools NEW 6-Ton Pressure Gauge

UTILCO’s pioneering, patent pending, UPG-6T-I 6-ton pressure gauge directly measures the applied force on the D3 area.  It will fit into most 6-ton, W-die taking tool jaws on the market today.  There is no need to remove the tool jaw to insert the gauge prior to use.  A “Hold” feature allows force to be read… Read more

Lineman Tools Unveils Scissor Style ACSR Cutter

UTILCO is excited to announce an addition to our battery powered in-line cutting tool offering.  Our BLL-26ACSR-IS features a 350° rotatable scissor head design with heavy duty blades that cuts up to 3/8” EHS Guy Wire and 556 ACSR.  Blade inserts make for easy field replacement.  A DataTrack / USB interface captures output performance and… Read more

Lineman Tools Now Features Industrial Scissors

UTILCO is excited to announce an addition to our already extensive offering of battery powered, hydraulic, and manual Lineman Tools. Our UHT-CCU-S industrial scissors cut up to #6 AWG or 1/0 flex, copper or aluminum conductor.  The cushion grip handles were built with a feature that allows the user to crimp terminal sleeves from #22… Read more

UTILCO Director of Sales Voted in as Member Supplier Advisory Council for UPMG

Richard L. Shank, Director of Sales – UTILCO, was voted in as a member of the SAC (Supplier Advisory Council) for UPMG (Utility Purchasing Management Group) at the September 2018 Annual ISM Conference in Phoenix, AZ. ISM®‘s (Institute for Supply Management) Utility Purchasing Management Group is recognized as one of the premier educational events within… Read more

UTILCO Director of Sales Appointed as Vice Chair of SAC for NAAUD

Richard L Shank, Director of Sales – UTILCO, was appointed as Vice Chair of SAC (Supplier Advisory Council) for NAAUD (North American Associates of Utility Distributors) at the April 2018 Annual NAAUD Conference in San Antonio, TX.  This appointment is a two year term, followed by two year term as Chairman. The SAC helps with… Read more

Lineman Tools Product Line Enhancement

UTILCO is excited to announce a series of NEW battery-powered, remote operated as well as hand operated 6-ton, 4-point dieless indentor tools to our already extensive offering of Lineman Tools, cutters and crimpers. Dies are not required which provides the installer with outstanding crimping versatility on a wide range of conductor sizes. Our tools are… Read more

UTILCO Adds Another PowerGrip Product to its Arsenal

Do you use T2 ACSR cable for distribution lines?  If you answered yes, then UTILCO has a solution for you, a PowerGrip connector for high current applications that is hot stick applicable.  Our TCS-4/0336 connector, with or without inhibitor, is the only connector we know of that was specifically designed to tap off of T2… Read more

UTILCO Unveils New Lineman Tools

UTILCO, a leader in bringing superior connectors to the industry for over fifty years, is excited to unveil a new series of Lineman Tools, in-line and pistol grip cutters and crimpers.  The battery-powered, hydraulic tools were developed with the users in mind; they are built to sustain rigorous use and harsh environments for those working… Read more

Surgency Product Line Enhancement

ILSCO’s Surgency Family of Surge Protective Devices has been updated to include a corrosion-resistant and zinc-plated solid alloy steel, liquid-tight hub with tapered female threads.  The new hub allows for even more versatility in the application of the Surgency models and a faster, easier installation.  Further, it permits minimal connection lead length to be achieved… Read more

Mechanical Grounding Connector Introduction

ILSCO presents a new series of mechanical ground clamp connector solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. Manufactured from copper alloy, UL Listed and CSA Certified, the connectors are range-taking and suitable for direct burial.  The offering provides our customers with a broader selection to address multiple needs in the field.